KELLY BROWN: So the question is how is it our children take up so much room in OUR beds?

HOW IS it such little people have the ability to take over so much of my bed?

We have all been there. That sudden realisation when you have woken up that instead of occupying exactly half of a double bed, you are relegated to the tiniest of spaces right on the edge.

All the while your little one is sprawled out in absolute luxury.

So how does it happen, or shall I say how do we all let this happen?

Well, firstly there is the uncanny ability for children to be incredibly stealthy when it comes to sneaking into their parents’ beds in the middle of the night.

I have completely lost track of all of the mornings when I have woken up only to find my little man fast asleep in my bed. With all the skill of a ninja, he can sneak into my room, get under the covers, fall asleep and move me up to the end of edge of my bed without my noticing.


It is almost as though instinctively my body moves away from him as he sprawls himself diagonally next to me.

On the nights he does attempt to sneak in and wakes me (or if I wake up in the middle of the night and find him there) then I do put him back into his bed.

But it seems other parents are bigger softies than me and let their children stay there – even if it means they get up and sleep in their child’s bed because there is no room left in the double.

But the big question posed at the beginning of these ramblings was how does a small person take up so much room? Well, there are two answers.

The first is because our children are doing their best to snuggle in next to us, a point reinforced to me the other morning when both my munchkins were sandwiched in so tight next to me the other day for a morning cuddle.

And while they might like it, we grown-ups need a bit of space – so we move up. Then they move closer, then we move up...

The second answer to this question though is much more obvious.

Because we let them take over the bed because we love them.

What mugs we all are!

I did myself proud

I WAS very proud of myself – I survived my girls’ night out.

Despite my fears I would have to be like Cinderella and be home before midnight because I was just too tired, I easily made it until the allotted time our taxi was collecting us at 1am.

We had a fantastic meal, a few 
well-deserved cocktails and a great natter.

It was lovely to let our hair down and enjoy a night out together.