KELLY BROWN: So cute as my son and his toys emerge themselves in their own little world

YOU know those scenes from Toy Story where little Andy is lovingly role-playing with his toys?

I have the real life version at home and it is sooooo cute.

My little man has suddenly immersed himself in his own little world with his toys who all have names and little conversations with each other.

It started with just watching him move around his toys and reenacting things he had seen on the television or done that day.

Having two of his cars wrestle each other in a Cars Toons style, or load up his little shopping trolley after a little trip to the supermarket was a particular favourite.

But now the role play has reached a whole new level with his various toys having names, personalities and even more in-depth conversations.

Now if one of his cars gets stuck, the other shouts ‘Don’t worry!’ and rides to the rescue, his dinosaurs roam around their own little forest he creates and his trains go on mini adventures around his bedroom.

I could stand there for hours just watching him play in his own little world.

Once or twice I have even seen him put toys in the naughty corner for not doing as they are told (I wander where that comes from?!).

Watching his toys talk to each other is simply amazing and it really hammers home just how quickly my little man is growing up.

And I know it won’t be long until his little sister joins him. In fact the two of them already have their own little world going on.

My son quite often sits down or lays down next to her and she chats away and looks at him adoringly.

She also laughs the loudest and the cutest when he does his best to amuse her – and they both just end up in fits of giggles.

At the weekend I got out some of the chunky baby cars for the two of them to play with together and they cuddled up together on the floor – although my little lady did put them in her mouth a lot of the time.

I’m sure it won’t be long before they are playing together for real and creating a world of their own.