KELLY BROWN: Please take my illness away, I feel like my face has been melted

I NEED a cuddle. No, not something my son has said to me, but the way I’ve been feeling all week.

For the first time in my life I have had an eye infection and it has left me feeling totally drained and tired.

I look as though I have gone ten rounds in the ring with Rocky Balboa (yes, I know he isn’t real!), and I feel as though part of my face has melted and warped.

The sensation of puffy eyes is just so bizarre and the fact one of my eyes is half-closed makes me just want to completely close it and take a long nap.

Still – at least I had the joy of putting drops in my eyes every two hours for a while, and was stuck at home unable to drive for fear an attempt would resemble a bumper car session.

It feels like some bizarre payback for all those times my son got an eye infection and I had to practically pin him down to administer his drops.

For the record – I’m sorry! I now know how it feels. Please take it all away!

But being ill is not an excuse for me to not cook tea, do the cleaning or the washing – according to my cheeky hubby who was punished by banishment to the supermarket with a shopping list while I sorted the washing and the kids.

I’m not the only one at home who has been under the weather this week either.

My little girl has been suffering from yet another ear infection. It seems she is destined to have one every time she has a bout of teething.

It breaks my heart to see her suffering, but she has not let a little thing like an earful of gloop get in her way of fun and she has hardly complained at all.

In fact, were it not for the obvious symptoms, I would not even think anything is wrong with her – she has been such an angel.

I’ll put it down to her being female. She obviously has that gene us ladies have which makes us carry on, no matter how we are feeling, and how much all we want is a cuddle.

What fools we are!

We should really take a leaf out of the man-flu book and rest – instead of attempting to be a superhero.

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