KELLY BROWN: Packing up to go home after a holiday really is no fun at all!

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

WE ALL know about arsenic hour. That last hour before bedtime when our children become dopey, then lovely and gooey, then horribly whiney.

But I’ve just found the rival for it – packing-up-to-go-home time after a holiday.

Now, I’ve always hated that 20 minutes when I am trying to pack a bag to go out with the kids anyway.

The time beforehand is always fine but it’s those last few moments when you are trying to grab snacks, find the juice bottles to fill them and find the nappy sacks.

Everything seems to collide in one horrible mess.

Because at the same time as trying to get everything packed, you are trying to get shoes on, coats on, and ensure everyone has visited the bathroom.

And needless to say the kids are trying to get your attention (‘Mummy, can you help me build a train track?’ is a regular request!), don’t want to put their shoes on, insist they don’t need a wee and are generally grumpy they are not getting their own way.

Well, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering all of this is amplified by about 20 times when you are packing up to go home. Especially when you throw in the summer heat!

At the weekend my sister-in-law and I took our munchkins for a little caravan holiday which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

In fact my son told me he never wanted to go home and he wanted to stay there every day.

And that was the problem – he didn’t want to go home.

So I’m packing up, taking away everything which is fun (like his bike), trying to do boring things like empty the fridge and making sure I had not forgotten anything.

Meanwhile he is watching me take away everything which is fun and making him go home, and feeling hot and bothered.

And at the same time my little lady is upset because all she wants is my attention and is desperate for me to pick her up instead of putting bags in the car.

Totally exhausting. Going home after a holiday really is no fun for anyone!

Feeling hot, hot, hot

IT HAS been so hot, hot, hot out there I’ve almost run out of sunscreen!

Trying to keep cool has been a bit of a challenge – but the real one has been trying to keep the kids cool.

We all keep calling it a heatwave, but in fact it is summer! It is supposed to be sunny.

I suppose it just goes to show we have no faith in the British weather.

So we had better enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

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