KELLY BROWN: No matter how much you try to protect your kids – you just can’

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

I’VE said it before and I will say it again – I try so hard not to wrap my children up in cotton wool.

It is not that I don’t care, it is because I do. I know they need to experience those horrible scrapes to the knees, those bumps and those bruises because it is all part of growing up.

And both of my children are really good. When they fall over they dispense with the drama and tend to dust themselves off and just get on with it.

By the same token I know at times they will be poorly with those pesky bugs and illnesses which will build their immune systems.

So, I’m prepped and ready for temperatures, Chicken pox and more colds. But seeing your little one be poorly is, I have found, one of the hardest things as a parent.

The night I had to ring the emergency doctor because my little man’s temperature was soaring – and there was little I could do – was awful.

He kept asking me to make him all better, but there was very little I could do to help him other than the usual routine. And it worked – eventually.

But it is not until you see children with terrible and terminal illnesses that these one-off incidents are brought into perspective.

This week I watched a heartbreaking documentary called You’re Killing My Son about seven-year-old Neon Roberts.

After emergency surgery on a brain tumour, his mother refused consent for him to begin intensive radiotherapy and went on the run with him.

It was heartbreaking to watch on so many levels, especially as his parents were at odds over what was best.

But the production team were given such intimate access to the family you saw the little boy breaking his heart as he dealt with the impact of his treatment.

There was a particularly poignant scene as his dad tried so hard to comfort him while the little boy grew upset about what was to happen.

As I said, you don’t want to always wrap your kids in a bubble. But there are times you would give anything to protect them and are totally helpless when you can’t.

Taking things for granted,,,,

IT IS so easy to take what we have got for granted. It is only when others mention things that we actually stop and think.

I had family visiting from Yorkshire last week and they were amazed at the things we have here in the South.

Children’s water playgrounds and marina developments were among the things they associate more with the continent than the UK.

How easy it is to forget what we have!

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