KELLY BROWN: No ice-cream or party balloons for my birthday, thank goodness!

BIRTHDAYS are not the same when you are a grown-up.

When you are a child, it is something to get over-excited about and celebrate with lashings of cake, ice-cream and balloons.

Oh, and of course there is the party and the running around and the piles and piles of presents.

Having just organised my son’s birthday party, I know just how much time and energy I spent arranging it, making the cake, sorting the food, packing the goodie bags...

But on Sunday it is my birthday and do you think I am putting anywhere near the same effort in? Erm, no.

To be honest, at first I did not really feel like doing anything at all. What is there to really celebrate?

Last year was a write-off as I was having a naff time and really did not want to do anything.

But luckily my friend was having her belated birthday get-together which just happened to fall on my birthday, so I was sufficiently distracted.

A year on and I still do not really feel like celebrating, but then I thought I should not just sit at home and be a misery!

So, on Sunday I am going on the train to London and taking my little ones to the Natural History Museum.

Well, they both love dinosaurs and animals in general so it seems a safe bet for a fun day out – especially as my little man is mad about trains so will be very excited.

And on Saturday I am having a get-together with my friends in the evening and will be going out for some food and a couple of drinks.

And actually I also have a well-timed work’s outing tomorrow night as well which is not in my honour, but that does not matter.

So basically, instead of doing nothing for my birthday I am accidentally having what will feel like a three-day celebration.

Not that I am celebrating, of course.

But instead of looking at it as a day when I turn one year older, I should look at my birthday as an excuse to enjoy the company of my friends and family.

After all, that is what life is all about!

My new television fix

SO MY Bake-Off fix is all over for another year – but luckily a very different replacement has come forward.

Move over Paul and Mary as Lord Sugar’s apprentices have arrived.

And, predictably, there are some dreadful characters on show, including one woman whose answer to selling to the public is short skirts and lipstick.

What a great role model for womankind!