KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Why oh why can’t I manage to switch off and take a breather?

Okay I’ll admit it – I’m rubbish.

I seem to be completely incapable of sitting down, having a rest and doing nothing.

There must be something wrong with me. Just the other day I managed to get home before my husband finished work and my son was dropped off home.

Great, I thought. I can have a nice quiet cup of tea and veg out on the sofa for half an hour before the boys arrive home.

So I made myself a lovely cup of tea, put the television on and then thought to myself that it would be a good idea to quickly put the washing machine on.

Job done.

Back on the sofa for about 30 seconds (or one gulp of tea) before thinking it would be handy if I quickly ran the vacuum round the living room while I was home alone rather than try to do it while negotiating a toddler.

Job done.

Another sip of tea and then the thought there were some clothes upstairs in a little pile which needed to be put away.

The list went on until I finally decided to sit down with only seconds to spare before my husband walked through the door.

What is wrong with me? Why is it I can’t sit down and for half an hour ignore the long list of jobs I have given myself to do?

It’s not as though my hubby is going to walk through the door and ask me why I’m putting my feet up for five minutes. It doesn’t bother him if the washing-up or ironing isn’t done straight away – one of us will get round to doing it eventually.

He doesn’t expect me to run around the house like a lunatic after a long day’s work. But I do.

I need to try to take a leaf from his book and relax a little bit more instead of endlessly adding to my impossible list of things to do. All I need is for my brain to have an off button.