KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Who wants to sleep when there’s so much fun to be had?

Nap time for most toddlers is very important – that is of course unless it interrupts all the fun.

My little man is very good at letting me know when he is ready for his nap. Usually at around 11am he will flake out and ask if he can go to sleep, which is great because he is then recharged and ready for more fun in the afternoon.

But at a recent day out to Butlin’s the monkey flatly refused to go to sleep, preferring instead to battle through the tiredness – all in the name of having fun. I thought I had it sussed.

On days out I usually give him an early lunch and he falls asleep in his buggy moments after we begin a little stroll. But it seemed the lure of ‘the big tent’, as he calls it, was far too exciting and sleep was off the agenda.

Still it didn’t stop me from trying. After a morning of jumping around in the soft play area and watching a little Thomas the Tank Engine show, my husband and I took him to get something to eat before settling him down.

And it all seemed to be going to plan.

You could see he was tired, and a full belly should have been enough to convince him to have at least a half-hour nap surely? Wrong!

Despite a 20-minute walk, my son was adamant he was not going to go to sleep, and instead kept asking to go back to the big tent.

So my husband and I decided to spend some time outside in the fairground, thinking the fresh air might do the trick and tire him out.

But after countless goes on the carousel, trampolines, racing buggies and stalls, he was still not giving in.

So we moved inside and played on the penny slots, the various ‘claw’ prize machines and father and son sat side-by-side on the driving machines.

Tired yet, little man? Ready to give in and have a rest? NO!

This meant out next, and last, port of call was the big splash pool where we had to hope he was not too tired to enjoy it.

We needn’t have worried. He was bright as a button as he jumped about and was in hysterics in the wave pool, he couldn’t get up the steps of the children’s slides quickly enough, and kept saying ‘again’ every time he and daddy went on the big white slide.

In fact, I left them to it and went off for a little swim on my own.

Before heading home we dressed him in his PJs so he could fall asleep in the car, which he did before we even got to the A259.

So he did need some sleep eventually – he just didn’t let it get in the way of his big day out.

* Customers won’t be winners in price war

So the word is there is about to be a massive price war between the supermarkets.

This week Tesco slashed the cost of 3,000 items, and it is speculated other supermarkets will follow suit.

So will we benefit? I doubt it.

The supermarkets find ways to get their money back. Apparently Tesco is reducing the number of offers it is running and ditching its double clubcards points scheme.

So the depression will continue every time at the checkouts when we see how little food our money buys these days.