KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...‘Tis the season to be – far too early for Christmas arrangements

I’m getting a little worried. August has only just finished – and suddenly people are talking about Christmas.

I feel like I need to pull on a sunhat and yell ‘stop’ – or perhaps get the tinsel out.

It started two weeks ago with a pregnant friend of mine who is due during the season to be merry (or busy).

She is getting her pressies, cards and all the other bits done now so she doesn’t have to worry if she gets an early Christmas present of her own.

Fair enough. Good excuse, I would do the same.

Then this week we were reminded it was our turn to choose the venue for the annual (massive) get together with one half of my husband’s family.

So I guess this means we will be forced to do ‘research’ at lots of pubs and restaurants to choose the best venue.

A tough job, but someone has to do it.

And finally, at the weekend my mum asks me what we are doing for Christmas dinner and offering to take us all out for a family meal.

Lovely idea, but it caught me completely on the hop.

I’m not even sure what we are doing this weekend, let alone in 16 weeks.

It’s like the world is suddenly trying to organise me ahead of schedule.

Next it will be the scary ‘shopping day’ statistics designed to frighten you into panic Christmas shopping, where you inevitably buy too much, and subject you to endless renditions of Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody.

And no doubt I’m already far too late to buy this year’s must-have children’s toy. Luckily for me, my little man will still be happy with a cardboard box! Happy days. Am I alone in wishing to ignore Christmas until the last minute so I can enjoy it?

Or should I give in to peer pressure and have everything wrapped up (literally) by October 1?

I’m determined to cling on to summer for as long as possible and banish all thoughts of cold winter nights to the depth of my mind.

After all, the kids have not even gone back to school yet.

But despite all my efforts, and with the nights closing in, I fear I will be dragged into another early seasonal phase.

I’m sure I won’t start my shopping until November (which will mean October), I won’t look at any Christmas decorations until December (which means November) and I absolutely won’t start singing any Christmas or festive songs until two weeks before Christmas. Absolutely no way!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

* Work theory which just doesn’t work

New statistics show families with working parents are struggling to pay the bills more than those who stay at home.

Cuts to tax credits, rising food and childcare costs and huge mortgages mean working families are being hit the hardest.

It means many parents are having to give up work entirely because they are no better off – or even worse.

And the government keep insisting those who work should be better off! I’m sure it sounds good in theory.