KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...The power of a few words, with an adorable face, can make you cry

Kids say the funniest things, so the saying goes.

But they also say the sweetest things too which make you want to just cry with how cute they are.

My little munchkin is going through the largely adorable stage at the moment, and it is not just me who has noticed.

When I dropped him off at nursery this week, one of the supervisors told me he has been so adorable the day before when they were role playing getting ready in the mornings.

She was asking him what things mummy did in the morning and he replied saying mummy washes her face, mummy brushes her hair.

And then he came out with ‘mummy is so beautiful’. She said it was so lovely it made her want to cry, never mind me.

Another of his adorable things at the moment is the way he is talking to baby (who he is insisting is a boy).

Last night I was laid on the floor and he lay down on his tummy next to me because he wanted to talk to baby.

He told baby that baby can sleep in his room and play with his toys when ‘he’ is bigger.

He also had me in stitches this week when he corrected my husband for apparently pronouncing ‘bathroom’ wrong.

To explain, my mixed-up dialect has a slight northern twang with means I tend to pronounce it without the ‘r’ sound while my husband does. So my son said, ‘No, daddy, it is not ba-r-throom – it is bathroom’. Sorry, that’s my fault!

Mind you it really shows how much your little ones do copy what you say without you realising it. The latest trick which makes me cross is when my two-year-old says ‘don’t you dare, mummy’ to me when he tries to tell me off! Grrr – I didn’t realise I did that.

The power of a few words is amazing, especially when coupled with a lovely smile!

* Potties = less sleep

Potty training update. I’m so stupidly proud – we have had our first dry night.

Mind you, it has come at a price: less sleep for mummy and daddy.

We were not even contemplating dry nights for ages, but our clever little boy has cottoned on already.

So the last few nights he has generally been waking up at 2am, 3am at 4am to tell us he needed the potty.

Well potty training sounded like a good idea at first...