KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...That ‘goodnight mummy’ call may lack words but is full of love

I absolutely love talking to my son on the telephone – you never know what is going to happen.

It is always either a resounding success where he chats away, or a complete failure when he fails to utter more than a few words to me.

Instead, lots of nods of the head and pointing seem to be enough for him.

But luckily tonight, as I work late into the evening, my munchkin cheered me up by making me smile and laugh at the same time when he rang me to say goodnight.

That lovely ‘hello mummy’ as I pick up the phone is a real heart-grabber, and something he feels the need to repeat three or four times just to make sure I am paying attention.

Then of course he proceeds to tell me he is on the phone and to ‘look mummy, there are buttons’ on it.

The concept I can’t see him on the phone is not one my two-year-old has grasped yet.

So do I play along and pretend I can see them, or break it to him that mummy can’t actually see what he is doing?

I opt for the ‘there are buttons on the phone, wow’ option.

My munchkin then babbles away in toddler speak, telling me he has been to nursery, been swimming with daddy and been to see nanny and grandad.

‘Have you been a good boy today?’ I ask, to which the answer is a nod. (Which I only know as a result of excellent commentary from my husband).

My hubby then prompts our little man to tell me what else he has been up to today, which he does with great enthusiasm.

He then tells me he is sat in bed with his Peppa Pig book which he and daddy are about to read.

There are, of course, a few nods and silences as he contemplates his answers to my questions.

But our little chat was a real joy and it is only when I take a step back and think how much my little boy has really grown and developed that I am amazed by it all.

It is all too easy to be blase about your child growing up but I am really loving the early twos. He seems to say and do new things every day and it is just so totally amazing.

Of course I would much rather be snuggling up next to my little man, reading him his bedtime story and giving him a kiss goodnight.

But on the days I can’t be there, a ‘goodnight mummy, love you’ on the phone will more than do nicely.

* Mission accomplished on Operation Sleep!

Operation Sleep was a huge success – my little man had two lie-ins at the weekend.

The first got me worried when he didn’t stir until almost 9am – a record – which made me fear he had peaked too soon.

But more creative activities, this time involving helping daddy paint his bedroom, ensured a 7.30am wake-up time after the clocks went back.

Most definitely a success!