KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Stereotypes will always be with us – and we all want to win

So a new study has shown women are better than men at parking in car parks.

Cue lots of gleeful remarks from the girls, and outrage from the boys!

The brilliant (or outrageous – depending on your view!) conclusion comes after experts reviewed CCTV footage from 700 British car parks and interviewed 2,000 drivers.

And when a shopping list of factors are considered, including the method used and the time taken – women come out on top.

Come on the girls!

I know it is a little sad. In this day and age the old stereotypes should be a thing of the past.

But when it comes to the battle of the sexes we just can’t help ourselves. We have to prove our gender is the best.

Which is the best as quizzes, who is the most intelligent, who can multi-task the best?

So, all those men who say women can’t drive as well as men will now have to put up with me celebrating as I count myself among the good set of drivers.

I can park extremely well in car parks (always reverse park unless you have shopping – top tip) and am a demon parallel parker thanks to years of parking outside friends and family’s homes in Portsmouth.

I’m not too slow, not too fast and am happy and confident in heavy traffic. If we were at school I’m sure I would have a gold star.

But, and quietly now, I have to admit the worst drivers I know are actually women.

I’m talking about the ones with no confidence, no spacial awareness and who are completely oblivious about other drivers.

You know the ones I am talking about – those who get in the left-hand lane to turn right at a roundabout and then cut you up!

So I was secretly surprised the girls came out on top in the parking stakes – just don’t tell the boys!

But on the flip side, the men can be the most obnoxious and inconsiderate of drivers, happy to cut you up and try to railroad you out of the way.

Just how many times on the A27 has that idiot practically hanging on to my bumper been a man?

Every single time!

It is no wonder these stereotypes won’t go away when there are people out there who seem determined to live up to them.

Perhaps one day a truce will be called, especially as we teach our kids that in this day and age you can’t judge a person by their gender any more than you can by their age or race.

But I have a sneaking suspicion our instincts will continue to dominate and we will continue to stand up for the girls or the boys.

It is just in our nature.

So for now this battle of the sexes will continue to rage because we are all too competitive and want to be on the winning side.

That winning side is the girls’ side – obviously!

** Little man is already showing initiative

I had a chuckle this week at the cheeky intelligence by little man has shown this week.

At nursery he decided he didn’t want to eat his tea so he hatched a plan.

He told one of the lovely members of staff he didn’t want his chicken so she whisked it off his plate and threw it away.

And in that short time my little monkey quickly scooped his spaghetti off his plate and into the flap of his bib.

He then declared to her he had finished! I’m going to have my hands full when someone gets older!