KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Putting mummy in control is one of munchkin’s favourite giggles

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He may only be one year old, but my little man is turning into quite the comedian.

Every day seems to bring with it new ways of trying to amuse me, make me laugh or try to get out of trouble!

It started off with him making funny noises and putting his hand over his mouth so he sounds like a native American Indian. Then of course he has to put his hand to my mouth so I do the same thing.

This progressed to pulling funny faces for absolutely no reason other than for laughs.

And its not just something he does at home – he does it at nursery and while out and about too.

At the moment he is very much into putting things on his head and looking for a laugh.

Cups, plates, teddy bears, cars, anything will do (so long as it is not his sun hat!)

Then of course you have to join in and have the item on your head for a little while.

Obviously I must look very fetching with a plastic Mr Bump bowl on top of my head.

His latest little party trick is to go around tickling everyone (including himself).

Everyone has to have their turn as he runs around the room saying ‘tickle, tickle, tickle’.

I absolutely love it. My little boy has such a lovely and infectious laugh.

But my favourite thing at the moment is his little remote control joke which started only this weekend and makes me, though not my hubbie, laugh every single time.

It came about when we were holding up objects and asking who it belonged to – and he was spot on every time.

When we got to the remote control, my husband pointed to it and asked who it belonged to. He was horrified when the little munchkin replied ‘mummy’s’ and then proceeded to pick it up and hand it over to me.

My little man saw how amused I was so held it up and again said ‘mummy’s’ – despite the best efforts of my husband ,who was trying to convince him it is in fact daddy’s remote control.

It was been a great little daily joke since and one my little comedian loves to take part in – anything for a lovely little laugh.