KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...My son is turning into my husband before my eyes – with scary speed

Help – I have a mini-me at home. Well, to be more exact, it is a mini-him!

I think my son is turning into a tiny little version of my husband and I’m finding it quite scary!

Now I know children pick up and duplicate quite a lot of your behaviour – and they say you can tell how your partner is going to be when they get older by looking at their parents.

That is certainly true for my husband and my father-in-law who are like two peas in a pod most of the time and have a really close relationship.

But this was a process I always thought took years – decades even – not two tiny years.

The source for my fright?

Well, I came home from work on Monday to find my little munchkin lounging in his little chair in the living room, with his feet dangling over the edge and eating his snacks.

‘That is exactly what you do’ I told my hubby immediately as the mini-him just smiled sweetly at me, oblivious to my amazement.

There is no way he could have wiggled himself into a position to look like my husband if had he tried harder.

It really was a perfect little replica and it got me thinking.

How else is my little man like my big man?

Actually, thinking about it, my son has picked up all my husband’s sayings which he repeats with the perfect tone and delivery of a mini-him.

Of course there is a little bit of me thrown in there – including my tendency to end my explanatory sentences with ‘okay’ – but on the whole it is more of my husband’s influence.

And then I started to pay more attention to little things like my son’s laugh – and again it is the perfect replica of my husband’s laugh.

I don’t think I stand a chance when my little one is older.

Although he adores mummy, I have this suspicion he is going to be very much a daddy’s boy as he grows up.

I imagine the two of them going off to play football and going off for little bike rides while mummy trails behind.

Still at least I know what I’m letting myself in for – and at least I know I will love the end product!

** I started to pack but will I finally finish?

I finally made a start on packing my hospital bag this week – I just hope I get around to finishing it!

Now it is only a start, prompted by a combination of my recent visit to St Richard’s Hospital to remind myself what I am in for – and a trip to the supermarket.

With just over five weeks till my due date I really thought I should get myself in order so I bought those little bottles of toiletries to throw in my bag – just in case I need to leave in a hurry.

Baby clothes are also packed as are muslins, nappies and cotton wool.

Now I just need to make sure I pack my supplies or else the trip to the hospital could be a little more stressful than it needs to be!