KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...My cheeky little man does all the bossing about

Trying to have a conversation with a toddler can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

I’m certain my little man understands what I am telling or asking him.

If I ask him to point to his nose, or turn the puzzle piece around or put his arms into the coat, he does it straight away, but when it comes to food and meal times we are definitely suffering from a communication breakdown.

Why? Well, he tells me he is hungry and points to the food cupboard or fridge.

So we look and see what we have and he points to what he wants - well in theory anyway.

Because in practice he points to what he wants, I offer it to him and he shakes his head.

Do you want this yogurt then? Shakes his head and points at the blueberries.

Do you want some fruit then?

Shakes his head and points to the biscuits.

Do you want a biscuit then?

Shakes his head and again tells me his is hungry.

Are you hungry little man?

He looks and me and shakes his head.

I thought I was supposed to be the one who says ‘no’, not the other way around?

Eventually I give up and open the yogurt he wanted in the first place, hand him his spoon and he tucks in straight away.

Cheeky little monkey.

Time on my hands

On Saturday my husband took the little man out for the day to give me a day to myself.

The trouble is I have no idea what to do with a day to myself.

I went to the gym and did a class, came home, did some housework, did the weekly shopping and watched a little bit of TV.

Before I knew it the boys were home and I was glad I no longer had to think of things to do.

They keep me busy enough.