KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...I’m carrying on as normal – there will be plenty of time to panic later

So D-Day came and went (predictably) without incident and we are still awaiting the arrival of baby Brown.

With my first child having to be brought into this world against his will, the idea of baby number two behaving seemed as far-fetched as a government-created petrol panic. (Oh wait, that did happen ...)

But I still had my fingers crossed and so did many of my family and friends who sent me text messages and Facebook messages through the day on Saturday to let me know they were thinking of me.

It was lovely to know everyone was being so thoughtful – but the power of the mind seems to have no influence on the arrival of babies who will continue to come when they are good and ready.

At the end of last week I was feeling absolutely horrendous and thought it could be a sign things were on the move. But no. Nothing.

Now I am feeling pretty much back to normal so am just going about my day as though nothing is imminent.

Among today’s highlights were a trip to Tesco, tile shopping and watching the news. How exciting!

My little boy is a little bit confused after we sat down with him to explain mummy had to go to the hospital one day soon and baby would magically (I wish) come out of my tummy to come and live with us.

A simple concept, but the lack of an actual date of when this was going to happen has thrown him.

So now each morning he comes into mummy and daddy’s bedroom, looks in the Moses basket and asks where baby is. Still in mummy’s tummy!

But he is content just to carry on hugging and kissing my bump and talk to baby through my belly button.

While my little man is content with that answer, the same can’t be said for the grown-ups who are either a) desperate for a ‘any twinges’ update and ask if I am eating hot curries yet, or b) are desperate not to bother me with the question so avoid the subject all together.

Well, either way, the answer is nothing to report and I’m not fazed in the slightest because deep down it was what I expected.

So I will carry on with my week as though I don’t have a ticking time bomb waiting to go off in my belly. And if baby does decide to make an appearance, I will resort to the best plan of action – panic!

** Train of thought

My husband and son have been totally inseparable recently, playing together with a toy train set.

My two-year-old has gone trains mad and loves putting them on the different tracks which daddy has spent ages making for him.

Each one is getting bigger and more elaborate.

Now is it my big kid or my little one who is having more fun?