KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...I almost forgot, but now there’s just one thing on my to-do list...

Okay then, so by the weekend I SHOULD be a mummy again.

With no sign of baby Brown I’m booked into St Richard’s Hospital today where my labour will be induced – unless this baby has a last-minute change of heart and decides to make an appearance without being forced.

Still, at least I know what to expect after going through all of this with baby number one.

And it has meant I could sort out child care for my son who spent last night sleeping over at Nanna and Grandad’s house – no doubt staying up too late and enjoying his favourite DVD and a few too many stories.

His little bag of clothes, toys and supplies were packed up with grandparents, great grandparents, aunties, uncles and even our lovely neighbours offering to look after him while I am in hospital.

The strangest thing is this week I had never felt better.

In fact there were times when I could almost completely forget I was pregnant – a fact which got me into trouble with Mr Brown at the weekend.

My mini project recently has been the most tedious job of re-whitening the grouting in our bathroom. I’ve been doing one portion of the wall at a time (which I thought was me being good and not over exerting myself) but when I came to the top corner above the loo I got myself into a bit of bother.

Why? Because when I stood on the toilet seat to reach the top corner the toilet seat snapped in half.

Cue a lecture from my husband, which he shared with Facebook, about why women who are nine months pregnant should not be stood on toilet seats. Oops.

It has come as no surprise to me but the late arrival seems to have taken others by surprise despite my warnings. At the weekend I have family coming down from Yorkshire to see us and the new baby. I just hope for their sake we are at home by then. Last time I was induced I was in hospital for four days after it took two full days (15 minutes short of day number three) to bring baby number one into this world.

And we also have close family going away for the weekend who were hoping to meet baby before they leave.

So, no added pressure then!

** The best things in childhood are free!

Who says entertaining little ones has to cost you money?

Well, you certainly don’t have to spend a lot on my munchkin who over the bank holiday weekend enjoyed an exciting walk in ‘the deep dark wood’ (yes, he is still obsessed with The Gruffalo).

He loved looking for the worms which were coming up to the path as well as his most favourite game of jumping in muddle puddles (a la Peppa Pig) and soaking mummy and daddy.

What fun!