KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...Here’s hoping all goes to plan this time as the big day approaches

Well I’ve made it (barring a last-minute emergency) to my last day of work.

And what a hectic week it has been. Who could have thought spending time deleting emails, passing stuff over and faffing about emptying my desk would take so long?

Actually I had a funny feeling it was going to be a hectic one, especially when you factor in the fact my new kitchen is being fitted this week.

I’m sure the majority of my colleagues will be delighted not to see me yawning at my desk because I am not sleeping, complaining about my back ache and generally panicking about the lack of time I have left to get myself ready.

But it did make me laugh when one of my (male) colleagues could not get his head around the fact I would be leaving my laptop and work mobile in the office.

‘So you won’t be checking your emails then?’ he asked.

Erm, no – I am having a baby and will be on maternity leave! And it is not as though that is not going to keep me occupied!

Of course I have to go through the potentially pointless exercise of my birth plan.

This is of course where you set out your dream scenario for having your baby – labour ward or birth centre, what pain relief you would like etc – and then it all goes totally wrong on the day.

I think the problem was last time around my little boy neglected to read my birth plan because he was more than two weeks late, was in the wrong position and made life as difficult as possible.

Of course when the monkey finally made an appearance you forget all about that.

But suddenly the memories are coming back, so I’ve been having words with this little one and making the birth plan very clear – on time, birthing unit, straightforward birth please!

To be honest I will be happy if I have just one week at home to rest, prepare myself – and finish packing that hospital bag which is still sat in the nursery waiting to be finished.

My lovely midwife keeps telling me it will be different this time around and I’m sure it will.

And no matter what happens I will have a little bundle of joy at the end of it to cuddle and love as much as the bigger one I already have at home.

I’m so looking forward to our first family snuggles in bed, as well as that first cuddle.

I just need to make sure this baby sticks to the plan!

** A drop of trouble...

Conjunctivitis is the most annoying illness in the world for a little one to have.

My little boy has it (again) so has been off nursery this week, and luckily our family has stepped in to help us with childcare where needed. (Thanks parents!)

But he is not really ill and is still running around and really happy all day.

I just have a 20-minute battle to get his eyedrops in!