KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...Demon drawer finally nags its way to top of my to-do list

It keeps staring and taunting me. I’m going to have to give in!

I think everyone has one – and the only way to get rid of it is to tackle it head on.

At our house we call it ‘the drawer’.

It is where all those statements, payslips, random buttons and bills are thrown and hidden because it is just far too much effort to file things away properly each day.

Most people’s ‘drawer’ seems to be in the kitchen.

But ours was re-homed into the living room when we were forced to clear everything out of our old kitchen to make way for the new one.

Of course we all have our excuses, the first of which is that there are bits and bobs in there we need easy access to (car tax reminders this month), and secondly we are just too busy.

When you get home from work sorting out a forest of paperwork is the last thing you want to do.

But now I am on maternity leave, awaiting our little arrival, I don’t feel I can use the second excuse any more.

Not that I have been idle this week. We have had the builders in finishing the kitchen and plastering the ceiling of the nursery so we can decorate it again.

I have been restocking the cupboards and washing the insides of the windows.

And on top of that I have been spending time helping out at my little man’s nursery, while I’m still able to, as well as catching up on some much-needed sleep.

But still that drawer is staring at me.

I know once I make a start on it then it won’t take me too long, but it is just one of those really boring jobs.

It is like doing the ironing – a thankless and dull task which is never-ending and ever-present to remind you it still needs to be done.

Actually, thinking about it that sounds like most forms of housework!

The problem is if I don’t do anything about it before baby is born there will extra baby-related paperwork to add to it, and I really won’t have the time to tackle it until it overflows.

It is hard enough to find two minutes to yourself to clean your teeth with just one little one. I won’t stand a chance with two of them.

So this evening I’m resigned to my fate of first sorting out the paperwork into piles (including recycling no doubt) and then filing it away, most probably not to be looked at until it is eventually thrown out!

The big question is just how long will we let it pile up until I next have to go through this all over again?

** Don’t let the Gruffalo grind me down...

Just how quickly can you get fed up with a children’s story?

It seems to be the challenge my munchkin is setting me this week after becoming obsessed with The Gruffalo.

If he is not looking through his story book he is asking to watch his Gruffalo DVD, both of which are just lovely.

I think it is a fantastic little story – but after the tenth time in three days I’m just hoping the magic doesn’t wear off.