KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...At last I’ve got time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

I’ve been a bit demob happy this week and spent so much time apologising to everyone at work for it.

Yep, today I start my annual leave and will not be back at work until January 3. Fantastic!

Never before have I had such a long break over the festive period and I have been ridiculously excited by it.

I keep randomly singing snatches of festive songs (as well as the flipping X Factor song which is stuck in my head) with Mariah Carey and Jingle Bell Rock among today’s favourites.

And even worse, this week I have found myself dancing into other people’s offices as I go about getting everything in order before my break.

I think I am spreading the Christmas joy, but at the same time realising that, while I may be off for the rest of the month, my colleagues are not so lucky. (Sorry everyone)

Mind you I really do need a break because I am shattered.

As lovely as it is, my little man has been bounding into our bedroom every morning just after 6am for a chat and to play a game (usually hide and seek under our pillows).

Couple that with baby number two deciding night times are the perfect time to start kicking me and having a party in my tummy, I am not getting a rest in the mornings or the evenings.

Better get used to that one!

It will be lovely this year to actually enjoy the build-up to Christmas and I’ve already pencilled in some dates to catch up with friends to exchange gifts (usually for the kids these days) and have a coffee.

And with all my Christmas shopping done and no need to cook on the big day (thanks mum) I can steer clear of the shops with a certain amount of smugness.

And when my son has his nap, so can I. What bliss.

And I have two Christmas meals planned which I can enjoy without rushing there from work.

Mind you a small part of me is thinking it is all going a little bit too well.

Surely I must have forgotten a present, surely I must need to run a few more errands over the next couple of weeks, surely I won’t find it a rest at all.

But until I have remembered what I must have forgotten, I will enjoy my pre-festive happiness.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...