KELLY BROWN: Loving his holiday club – perhaps too much!

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

Whoever thought a child would rather go to a school holiday club than spend time at home?

Well that is the situation I seem to have found myself in when I broke the news to my son that he would ‘only’ be spending two days at the school holiday club at half term last week.

The rest of the week I had time off work – but it seems that if I had worked the whole week he would have been happy.

Now of course that is not to say that I’m such a cruel and horrible mother to my children that my little man would much rather spend time with anyone other than me.

In fact on the Monday my son and I spent a lovely day together at Butlin’s and had a fantastic time together - even if we were a little bit cold at times.

That afternoon he told me his favourite thing in thew whole world was spending that day with me – so I suppose that means he loves me.

But of course he wants it all.

As well as having these days off school to go out for the day, make cakes with his sister, go the park and do all these wonderful things at home, he also wants time to play with his friends and play their games too.

So when I told him that he was going to the school holiday club for two of the days, his conclusion was he would have less time to play with his friends.

Of course the main problem is actually the fact the school holidays are just not long enough for him to do everything he wants to do.

Not that he particularly wants to not be at school because he loves it there too. Oh to be a six-year-old again!

When I dropped him off for his first day at the holiday club he was very excited and I suppose that is the main thing for me.

He is not saying he doesn’t want to spend time with me, he just wants to do it all and he wants to do it all right now.

And of course I love that he is happy and confident goingto holiday clubs because as all parents know, trying to juggle work and school holidays is not always the easiest of tasks.

Thank goodness my daughter’s nursery is open pretty much all year round.

When I dropped her off I barely got a goodbye as she raced off to find her friends!