KELLY BROWN: Joy for my son, but more work for me when Mona visited us

WHOEVER thought the visit of a cuddly toy monkey could be so exciting?

This weekend I found out when Mona Monkey stayed with us and we had to take her on exciting adventures.

Mona had apparently spotted my son had been good at school last week and so chose to spend the weekend with him as a reward.

He was thrilled at what a brilliant time he would have this weekend – of course it also meant extra work for mummy.

It is a story which I am sure will be familiar to parents up and down the country. The class mascot/champion/friend all the children want to bring home.

My son has actually shown very little interest in Mona until this month – I think he has been more interested in other exciting things at school.

But a couple of weeks ago he suddenly started talking about the possibility of her choosing him and when I picked him up from school last Friday, he was beaming with pride after she did.

And so it was camera at the ready as I seemed to turn into the paparazzi for a couple of days, taking pictures of everything the two of them got up to.

Eating lunch, going for a bike ride, making a den, going shopping... all of these exciting activities have their own picture with my little man proudly taking Mona with him.

He also proudly read to Mona and of course had a sleepover and lots and lots of cuddles.

But while my son had all the joys, our visitor created homework for me (how does that work, I ask you?).

After a rather stressful visit to the shop to print out the pictures – obviously I had to pick the machine which had been experiencing problems all day – I then had to put them all into a special book and write about what we had been up to.

But it was all worth it when I showed him the results in the morning and he added in some drawings.

So we say goodbye Mona – just give mummy a little time to recover before you visit again.