KELLY BROWN: Joining in with a superhero game and making some sandcastles is fun

ONE great benefit of having children is there are times you get to be a child again – if only for a little while.

ONE great benefit of having children is there are times you get to be a child again – if only for a little while.

If you run around like a looney and play superheroes as a grown-up then the reaction will range from getting strange looks to someone calling the men in white coats.

But if you are playing with children, it is totally different!

I found myself cast as the ‘baddie’ one day this week, being chased by Iron Man around the garden.

The superhero kept escaping my cunning plans to trap him in a hula hoop, sorry I mean a force field, with a swift exit down a mountain (or a slide if you are a boring grown-up).

And so Iron Man, aka my little boy, kept capturing me and putting me in jail until I became a ‘goodie’. And then we did it all over again!

When it was time to slow down, we spent ages putting all his toys down a slide, trying to get them to land in a special spot.

Then of course I had to help my son carry out some building work with his Lego – I excel at house and car building these days.

And then we moved on to to playing with cars, driving them along our pretend roads and putting them down our make-shift slides.

When my daughter woke up from her nap, she dragged me over to her dollies and I helped her bath and dress them before having a little tea party.

We then headed to the park and I spent ages going around the climbing frame with them before we immersed ourselves in the sandpit.

Making sandcastles and building sand forts is something which is just not socially acceptable for adults, although I’m thinking of starting a campaign to change all that!

So I will just have to enjoy every moment my children want to play with me so I have an excuse to be a child again.

Who knows what I am going to do when they don’t want mummy to play with them any more?

Maybe then I will have to start being a grown-up.

Well, sort of!

I HAVE been playing my own little game this week – what position and where will I find my children asleep?

For my daughter, who is still in her cotbed, she has decided to abandon sleeping with her head on the pillow. These days I find her either upside down or sleeping sideways.

As for my son, I’ve either found him buried under teddies, upside down, or on the floor in a little makeshift den area he has made for himself.