KELLY BROWN: I’m going into a premature panic mode about the festive season...

I KNOW this sounds ridiculous, but all of a sudden I feel in a real panic about Christmas.

Yes, it is six weeks away, but I feel as though I should be organised.

Even if I don’t have all my presents bought yet, I should at least know what I am going to buy, right?

Maybe it is because it has dawned on me that six weeks is actually really not a long time away.

Maybe it is because one of the presents I did order in a hurry has not arrived, even though it should have been with me two weeks ago.

Maybe it is because I am STILL completely clueless about what to get my son this year.

Maybe it is because everyone is starting to make plans for Christmas Day which makes it feel even closer than it is.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is a simply because the second you turn on your television, radio or computer you are bombarded with Christmas advertisements.

Toy sales, book now, limited availability, discounts... I feel under pressure.

Especially as I keep receiving messages and calls from other people asking for present ideas for the children.

Every evening this week I have made a token effort to decide what to buy but, dazed and confused (and tired) I keep coming to the conclusion that I just can’t decide.

And now of course the shops are bringing out the big guns – the big festive ads have hit our screens.

Those penguins are cute aren’t they! But their very presence on our screens is like a little countdown to Christmas.

At work some people are getting excited and ready for our big Christmas night out. Some have even bought their outfits!

On top of that, I have also spent a portion of this week talking to schools about nativities – and then realising my own little man will be in his first one soon.

There are just not enough hours in the day to get organised – or at least that is how it seems.

So I am going to have to force myself to sit down in front of my computer and do my shopping before my premature panic gets any worse!

Weather fun

I WISH the weatherman would decide. Hot, cold, sunny, raining...

It changes from one day to the next and I never know what I should wear, let alone what to dress the children in.

So when I go out, I load up the car with various options for every eventuality and costume changes. 
My rucksack is also getting heavier for the same reason. Well it build muscles, I suppose!