KELLY BROWN: I’m a silly mummy because I should have known boys don’t get tired

SLEEPYVILLE is a magical place for children. It’s the last stop before bedtime which gives them this mystic energy to become all hyper ­– two minutes before falling asleep.

At the weekend I paid a tea-time visit to a friend with my two munchkins, and got to see the magic in action as my son and hers raced around like loonies.

One moment they were running up and down the hallway playing hide and seek, and the next all the toys were scattered with reckless abandonment.

And then came the yawns. (It’s making me yawn just to think of it.)

So it was time to put the pyjamas on, despite the protests and giggles declaring ‘we are not tired are we?’ from two little boys who were obviously too excited to let anything like tiredness get in the way of their fun. But of course, in case you didn’t know, pyjamas have magical powers.

You see, if you are a three-year-old boy then pyjamas act like some kind of special magic shield, taking away all traces of feeling sleepy and instead giving the little superhero special anti-sleeping powers.

Or at least that is what they think.

Because what us parents see is a three-year-old boy desperately (or should that be unsuccessfully) hiding tiredness and declaring any yawns are in fact coughs – before racing off again.

Well, obviously, silly mummy, what was I thinking?

Meanwhile arriving in Sleepyville makes babies go all silly, floppy and gooey, with my daughter doing the softest, cutest giggles in the whole world while I tickle her.

She can’t even be bothered to try to escape from me – that takes too much energy.

And so, the time came for us to go and with it came the predictable tears from two little boys still desperate to play with each other, and insisting they are absolutely, most definitely, most positively NOT tired.

Two minutes later I had two sleeping children in my car, and my friend’s son flopped out.

Silly mummies, indeed. Tired? What were we thinking?

It’s for reading, isn’t it?

I have a confession. Last month my Kindle fell into the bath (freak accident) and I now have a new all-singing and all-dancing one.

The problem is I’ve stopped reading books, because I’ve become obsessed with watching old films and TV programmes on it instead.

That was not the idea!

I keep meaning to flick back to my book, and keep getting sidetracked.

New technology = distraction!

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