KELLY BROWN: I keep being told not to neglect myself, but it is so hard not to...

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

I’M OFTEN accused of neglecting myself or not putting myself first enough.

Well I am a parent and so I put my children first, which is exactly as it should be.

So when I’m told I need to buy and do things for just me, and not my children, I stubbornly refuse to listen.

I’m happy with my munchkins, and so long as they have everything they need I’m happy!

But when I take a peak at my wardrobe I do get a bit of a feeling maybe my critics are right, well at least a tiny little bit.

Take my ‘work wardrobe’ for instance which consists of pretty-much five outfits. Not that it bothers me, it is enough clothes and I know I’m not alone on that score.

And if I was a bloke would anyone notice/care when I wore the same shirt and tie each week?

But the scale of my neglect doesn’t just stay there. At the weekend I took a peak at my ‘collection’ of shoes which is far from vast. Trainers, boots, scandals, work shoes. Just enough – well at first glance anyway.

Because, of course, many of them are getting a little rough around the edges, scuffed or really need throwing out!

So whittle that down and, again, I’m left with a handful of usable footwear.

Well that is okay, I have enough casual clothes at least...... well sort of.

I’m ashamed to say some of them just might be quite a few years old, and not in absolutely pristine condition.

And many of them are survivors of all the dribble/baby sick/crayon marks/general child-related mess which have been thrown their way.

Okay, so maybe, just maybe my friends and family have a point.

So at the weekend I took myself off to the shops and bagged myself a few new bits – and some fabulous charity shop bargains!

I didn’t go mad – if only I could afford to – and it was nice to wear something new, rather than that same top I wear every week.

But the hardest part of the day was fighting the instinct to head straight to the children’s section.

Yes, I’m hopeless!

It’s party time!

SO I spent last night writing out birthday party invitations – and now I am wondering what I have got myself into.

My little man turns four next month and, like his little friends, would like a real party – not the family-affair of the previous three years.

So venue is booked, invitations are written, games are being planned – as is a post-party rest for mummy!

Lots to do!

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