KELLY BROWN: I didn’t realise being a parent meant I had to be good at facepainting...

PARENTS with young children who watch Peppa Pig will know what I mean when I say ‘I can do a tiger’.

Now luckily for me my daughter, 
who unexpectedly asked me to paint her face for the first time, actually asked for a tiger.

And, finding some face paints I bought for fancy dress, I could easily cobble together enough strips to oblige and make her happy.

But now I’m thinking it is a skill I’m going to have to develop in preparation for more elaborate requests.

My daughter, unlike my son, loves dressing up so it was not a skill I had ever really bothered learning.

Creating Lego masterpieces was more of the skill I needed to learn with him.

This new development just goes to show that in being a parent, you have to be a master of all trades to keep your children happy.

You need to be a master baker to help them create what feels like a million cupcakes in the kitchen.

You need to be an artist to help them with all their arts and crafts – my two love a bit of junk modelling and painting.

You need to be an athlete to keep up with all the football, running, rugby, basketball and other sports they want to play.

And all of this comes on top of the need of being a teacher, cook, children’s entertainer, cleaner, chauffeur and childcare expert 
which also goes with the territory of being a parent.

I’m sure this wasn’t in the parents’ handbook.

Now it seems the need to be a costume designer and make-up artist is going to be the next useful skill I need to perfect.

Not only will it be needed at home by my little lady, who the weekend before spent a large portion of the day being a pirate, but it will also be needed in the increasing number of school-related ‘dressing-up day’ requirements.

So I supposed I had better get practising.....

Butterfly anyone?