KELLY BROWN: Getting back on a bike was easy – it was the next day which hurt

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

IT may be true you never forget how to ride a bike – but you can forget how much it can hurt!

IT may be true you never forget how to ride a bike – but you can forget how much it can hurt!

Before last week I had not been on a bike for more than four years, but after only a few days I was getting quite proficient.

The reason for the return to the two wheels was a break in Center Parcs at Longleat with some friends – a place which hates the car.

Before my break I had not sat on a bike since before I became pregnant with my son so I was a little nervous about what to expect.

And I had not factored in a few extra things. Namely a child seat and a rucksack. Oh yes, and hills!

Now my daughter is generally considered a ‘dink’ – a tiny little lady who weighs practically nothing, well at least compared to some other children.

But strapped into the seat on my bike she became an added challenge, with her weight throwing the balance out.

Not to mention raising my anxiety about falling off. Me yes, her – NO!

But it is true when they say you never forget and after a few minutes on that first day it came naturally.

And those hills became my challenge. Must keep going. Never stop! It was like an exercise class.

My little lady loved it. I could hear her chatting away on the back about what she could see. And every time we were near a lake or the pond she would excitedly squeal ‘quack quacks!’.

But it seemed the excitement was too much for her and she fell asleep in true comical fashion, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Meanwhile my little man, on the back of my friend’s bike, was also vocalising his delight – ordering his ‘pilot’ to go faster and faster. I think he must have thought he had Chris Hoy in the saddle!

So after day one all us adults were all feeling pretty smug. We can do this. Riding a bike is easy – you never forget and you just have to go for it uphill.

But day two started with sitting on the bike again, Ouch!

Oh yes, this is the bit we all forgot. It must be like child birth, if you remembered you would never do it again!