KELLY BROWN: Even by my own standards, this song obsession is just ridiculous

HELP! I have a new addiction and I really, really want to get over it before it drives me completely nuts.

Well maybe it is more like an obsession or a random thought which will just not get out of my head.

But whatever you want to call it, I just need to stop, wait for it, singing Let It Go from Frozen.

Yes people, you read that correctly. For reasons I simply cannot explain, I just can’t get that song out of my head and find myself singing it constantly.

It is at this point I should apologise to those poor people who have been subjected to my renditions of it over the past week.

And this is perhaps made all the more worse because a couple of weeks ago I had never even seen the film!

I have confessed it before, but I have always been a bit of an involuntary singer. All of a sudden I just start singing or humming away and I very often don’t even realise it.

(Again apologies to those who are subjected to this on a regular basis).

But at the moment Let It Go seems to have taken my impulses to a whole new level.

I wake up in the morning and that song just pops into my head.

I listen to the radio to hear something different and try to exorcise it from my brain entirely.

And it works... until I turn the radio off and that, now annoying, song just restarts again.

I went to the Festival of Speed to look at pretty cars, feel nostalgic thanks to Murray Walker’s voice and hope engine noise would blast Disney into oblivion.

Nope, that didn’t work either!

I have had song obsessions before, but they usually last a couple of days. This is bordering on the ridiculous now.

Maybe it is a testament to just how annoyingly catchy those children’s songs can be.

Maybe my brain is telling me to embrace it as my very own personal theme tune. Maybe I should just ban my children from watching Disney so this does not happen again!

Or just maybe I should stop fighting it and sing it to my heart’s content. Let it go, so to speak.

Oh crumbs, here I go again!