KELLY BROWN: Birthday parties - why is it I do this to myself? Is it because I am totally nuts?

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

APPARENTLY I was ‘brave’. Another phrase used to describe me was ‘totally nuts’.

But as 23 little ones huddled around the world’s biggest table and sung Happy Birthday to my son, it was totally worth it.

My little man turned four on Sunday and luckily I was far too busy to freak out about where those years had flown to. I had my first proper children’s party to organise.

His celebrations started last Thursday with a mummy and son day trip to Legoland, somewhere I had never been to before.

And he absolutely loved it. The theme park was so quiet we were able to stay on any ride we wanted. I also developed a jealousy for my son’s waterproofs as he was cosy and dry while I was completely soaked by the water rides.

We both left totally exhausted by the end of the day.

But when I got home, put him to bed and sorted out the rest of my household I had to immediately throw myself into birthday cake-making, ready for his party on Saturday.

I dreamed up a treasure chest cake to go with his Jake and the Neverland Pirates-themed party.

And as I finally finished the last bits and pieces at midnight, I had my annual ‘why do I do this to myself?’ moment.

Friday night was spent making sandwiches, pizza and a plethora of party food.

On the big day itself some volunteers helped me decorate the party room, while another set of helpers made sure every plate had a yogurt, grapes, sandwiches etc on it.

Then the party started and I had to spend time running around, welcoming the parents of my son’s nursery friends, as well as the rest of the friends and family who arrived.

I was worried about the logistics of getting 23 children to all sit down at the same time, but they were as good as gold. It was only when I saw just how many children there were that I suddenly thought it was quite a lot.

But as they all sung to my beaming boy, I knew my madness was all 
worth it.

Insect invasion

ARE crane flies the most pointless and annoying insects in the world?

If not they must come pretty close.

It is like ‘invasion of the daddy long legs’ at the moment. They are absolutely everywhere!

I counted 12 plastered over my kitchen window at the weekend.

And when I opened my fridge this morning there was even one sat on the milk carton.

What annoying insects!