KELLY BROWN: All of this party planning is going to send me to my panic station

I’M NOT quite at panic stations yet – but I get the sense I’ll be heading there very soon

I’ve just realised I’ve got a birthday party on Sunday and do you think I’m organised? A great big, huge, giant NO.

I think I’ve been in denial so much about the fact my little lady is turning one next week that it has completely warped all sense of time in my brain.

Instead of having weeks to go, it suddenly dawned on me I’ve only got days to go until the big get-together.

Now, I did make a good start a few weeks back and ordered her birthday present which I put together at the weekend in a fit of panic, realising I had not even checked to make sure nothing was damaged.

And a while ago ordering bits for her birthday cake. But I’ve still got to find the time to make it (I think a late Saturday-night baking session is going to be in my future).

It was only at the weekend I suddenly realised the clock was ticking when I spotted party plates, napkins and the like on offer.

Needless to say I thought I had better get a shift on and make my purchases – and a to-do list.

It is not as though I’m planning a huge kids’ party and I’ve got to worry about games, party bags and the like.

It is mostly family and a few children, so I have none of that to worry about... I will have all that to come later in the year when my little man turns four. (Okay, even the thought of that is making me break out into a cold sweat as I think of how long my to-do list will be for that one.)

But even organising a family get-together suddenly seems to have escalated in my head into organising a banquet.

Both my mum and mother-in-law have offered to help make some food for my daughter’s party – I’ve just got to find the time to finish off my food list and delegate who does what. Oh, and then there is the small matter of buying the food and preparing it.

Add to that sorting out her birthday card, wrapping the little gift from her brother, blowing up balloons...

Actually make that a very late Saturday night!

But mummy, it’s not night time

So HOW do you convince an intelligent three-year-old that it really is night-time – when the sun is shining outside?

The clocks going forward is always a challenge for parents, and it is the first time my son has questioned why I am trying to send him to bed when his own eyes tell him it is not night-time.

Of course I have a blackout blind in his room, but the only way to trick him would be to find some kind of dome-shaped one to cover the whole house.

Now there is an idea!

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