KELLY BROWN: All my Christmas shopping was done – or at least so I thought ...

I’VE been guilted into it – and now I need to make sure I know when to stop.

I have been very proud of myself because I (sorry hubby, I obviously mean ‘we’) bought pressies for my son and daughter last month.

And at the weekend I managed to avoid feeling the guilt despite listening to my friends reel off the shopping list of gifts they had bought their children.

Some of their little ones have gifts into the double figures which, while lovely if you can afford it (which we can’t), would overwhelm my two children who would not know what to play with first.

Steering clear of the £100 must-have children’s presents of the year for three-year-olds (a tablet no less!) we bought my son one large-ish gift and a smaller one.

My daughter also has one large and one small – and we have also passed on our notes to Father Christmas to help with his selection of a gift for both of our little angels.

But suddenly last week my little man started to mention the thing he really wanted Father Christmas. A bike!

(Not on the list supplied by Mummy and Daddy to Mr Claus.)

Now if it was an incidental comment and never to be repeated, this little request would have been filed away for sometime next year. But this request for a bike has been repeated more than once – and in fact has found itself in writing.

At nursery all the children in his preschool class have been decorating stockings and written on them is the thing they said they wanted most for Christmas. And there in big black letters is ‘bike’.

Cue dilemma – ignore this and hope he is not really disappointed on Christmas Day, or bite the bullet and shop for a bike?

Well the answer to that one is... I cracked and went online. But luckily for me an ebay bargain presented itself and I snapped it up. Phew.

So now I have a new dilemma – my little man has one more present than my little lady. So do I leave it knowing she is going to be clueless or do I let guilt take over again?

And the answer is... (watch this space!)


Little Miss Chatterbox

WE PREDICTED our little lady would be crawling before Christmas.

But now she is showing off and decided to start talking as well.

At the weekend she decided to show what she could do and we suddenly heard ‘mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum’ coming from her bedroom, followed by ‘dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad’.

What a clever little lady – and a Little Miss Chatterbox in the making!

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