KELLY BROWN: After seven visits to the GP, she knows what will happen next...

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

YOU know you’ve been to the doctors’ surgery too many times when the GP recognises you – and knows what is wrong.

She took one look at my daughter when we traipsed into her room on Tuesday and said: “I recognise you, is it her ears again?”

No, it was not just deja vu; we really have been to the surgery that many times with ear infections and perforated eardrums.

We have the entire operation drilled down to perfection, from the phone call to make an appointment to the collecting our number and waiting our turn while my daughter has a nose around at everyone in the room.

The conversation with the doctor is pretty much a carbon-copy of the one only a few weeks before, and I know word-for-word the instructions from the pharmacy about the medication.

But it was lucky number seven – after seven visits, seven lots of antibiotics and seven lots of scrabbling round to sort out last-minute child care or working from home, she was finally referred to the specialists.

Not that I want anything to be wrong with her so she needs to see a specialist, but it is on the point of bordering on the ridiculous.

Every time she even thinks about teething my little lady is waking up with an earful of goop.

Not that she complains, she is an absolute angel about it all.

One grizzly night while the tooth broke the skin and that’s it.

The fact mummy, daddy and the doctor keep fussing over her ears and wiping them never seems to faze her.

And I think the banana or orange-flavoured medicine is becoming a bit of a firm favourite. I’m not sure when I’m going to break the news to her it is not actually a yummy treat which I hope she never has to have again.

With six teeth showing and 14 more to go, I really hope the ENT specialists will be able to find what is causing it all.

But in the meantime all I can do is have a little bet with myself about which will come first – an appointment with a specialist, or an eighth GP visit?

I suspect I know the answer.

I’m a Peppa fan

I’M SECRETLY a Peppa Pig fan so I was not surprised to hear it was voted the favourite kids’ programme of the country’s parents.

My little man absolutely adores it, and I don’t mind because it has the subtle jokes for adults too.

That Miss Rabbit has to win an award for the hardest worker – I’ve lost count as to how many jobs she has.

Including moonlighting on Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom!

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