It was hello – now it’s goodbye. 2013 in their own words.

Iain McInnes compared Steve Coppell to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (13997-3)
Iain McInnes compared Steve Coppell to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (13997-3)

It’s been yet another eventful year for everyone associated with Pompey.

So now it’s time to look back at some of the quotes featured in The News which made the headlines, beautifully summed up a situation or just brought a smile...

Some fans there were crying, there were a few like that. It meant a lot to everybody. One lad ran onto the pitch and we didn’t want him to get chucked out and be in trouble so we (Keene, Ertl and Rocha) wanted to try to get him back among the fans but the stewards wouldn’t let him.

James Keene

The former loanee on the Pompey 2-1 win at Crewe which ended a 134-day run of 23 games without a win.

Peter Storrie came to me and said we could get Yaya Toure for £75,000 a week. No disrespect to Hayden Mullins, who arrived a few months later instead, but I was definitely having that!

Tony Adams

The ex-Blues boss reflects on what might have been, on the fourth anniversary of his sacking.

While I appreciate that many of the above are the great unwashed of Portsmouth, the Dickensian vagabonds who sat at the back of classrooms swinging on their chairs picking up half an O Level: They are also the fans, who feel invincible, shout the loudest and drown out the majority.

Joe Michalczuk

The parting shot from the Pompey commentator upon his February

exit from Express FM.

He said he didn’t want to support them down the road, he loves Pompey so much. I had to tell him that, as a gift, saving Pompey was too big even for Father Christmas to get and he accepted that. So on Boxing Day he started saving in a pot.

Pompey fan Kora Blagden

The mother of Alfie, whose tale about saving up his pocket money to buy a Trust share was truly heartwarming.

I just think it was better for all parties for him to go. Why waste our money on someone who isn’t going to be here? I think it showed in Izale’s game for a few matches to be honest with you. The fans are no fools either.

Guy Whittingham

Farewell to top-scorer Izale McLeod whose last monthly contract was cancelled with 16 days still to run.

I miss Mussa (Dumbuya) because he had coconut rice from Africa he 
would cook. This was really nice but then Lubo and Gabor would cook goulash.

Johnny Ertl

The midfielder reflects on life at the self-styled student house in Eastleigh inhabited by Pompey players.

The last time I cried at football was when we won the FA Cup. I don’t really know why I am crying now – probably just relief that we won’t be going under after all. For a long time it looked to me like we might.

Pompey fan Alex Macanally

The 56-year-old from Stamshaw was speaking after a 3-0 win over Sheffield United marked Trust ownership.

I will make a decision after Tuesday’s game but wherever I am, I want to be successful. For me football is about winning. That is what inspires me and drives me to play week in, week out.

Darel Russell

The midfielder reveals he’s leaving Pompey in search of trophies.

Next stop Toronto in the MLS.

The generosity of these people blows me away every time. We started off looking to raise £1,000 – now I’m targeting £25,000. I’ve even got money off Southampton fans, they have given £40-50 so far.

Pompey fan Steve Pearse

It was Pearse’s remarkable fundraising partnership with Steve McLenaghan via message boards which helped buy Trust shares.

You cannot understand the mentality of what he did. Sam has not explained why he did it and you could go back and try to find out, but it is done so you have to move on. The punishment will be dealt with internally.

Guy Whittingham

Whittingham reflects on the sending off of Sam Sodje at Oldham. An incident which later came

under spot-fixing scrutiny.

I made a silly mistake and paid for that.

Sam Sodje

His take on that dismissal when talking about it for the first time.

There’s a deal lending the stadium. In terms of Keith buying it, they (Portpin) do not want to do it that way at the moment. The sellers want to take rent for a period of time. It is to do with future value, they don’t want a panic sale or lower valuation.

David Bick – Keith Harris spokesman

Attempting to persuade fans the Harris consortium was the right ownership option. Instead he revealed Portpin would still be around.

I don’t get down, I’m not allowed to. I’ve got three lads who keep me on my toes, a wife who keeps me on my toes and my friends around me. And when we’re here at work we make sure everyone is positive.

Guy Whittingham

Ever upbeat on the day staff were given another 10-per-cent pay cut and backroom duo John Keeley and Luke Dowling joined Blackburn.

The Trust own #Pompey.


The Tweet from the Rolls Building which announced it to the world.

The league has informed the administrator that it will not currently consider transferring the club’s share in the Football League to a new bidder.

Football League statement

Many thought it was over, then came this surprise news which reinvigorated the Trust bid – and derailed the Harris consortium.

Steve (Coppell) is the Encyclopedia Britannica, but with legs.

Iain McInnes

Pompey’s chairman speaks – in true Alan Partridge style.

This agreement came about due to all the good faith displayed by all those involved, working together with one aim in mind: to save Portsmouth FC from liquidation.

Portpin statement

We got them all wrong. Caring Portpin speak following the court case which saw the Trust take over.