I want to feel all festive, but surely November is just far too early ...

IT IS still November, isn’t it? Then can someone please stop the campaign to force everyone to feel all Christmassy!

Every morning when I’ve turned on the radio they have been playing ‘festive tunes’.

And shops seem to be insisting on scaring everyone into thinking Christmas Day is imminent. ‘So come and buy all your gifts now’.

By all means, let’s go all out on the festive season and feel that lovely happy Christmas glow.

But surely it should begin in December and not a day before.

I’m not the Grinch (although I was amusingly dubbed the Grinch of Children In Need by one reader last week) but being that enthusiastic about the festive season can’t last that long.

It will lose all meaning and the excitement, and I want to be excited.

My little boy asked me only last week, ‘Mummy, is it Christmas today?’ because he had seen all of the decorations and the like in just about every place we have gone.

Now of course there are practical exceptions which need to be made to this rule.

Grabbing a present bargain is an acceptable one, so long as it is quickly stored away and then forgotten about.

Another, which I am quickly learning, is practising Christmas songs with little ones.

My son has his first nativity play (so cute) with his preschool and he has been cast in the role as ... a donkey!

And while he is refusing to dress up for the role (it will be an interesting play in that case) he is more than enthusiastic about singing Christmas songs from the top of his voice.

I’m loving how much he has been getting into it – and the nostalgia of my own school days when we sing When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney.

But he is three. Little ones struggle with the concept of time so trying to explain to him that, yes, we need to sing Christmas songs but, no, it is not Christmas for ages, is all very confusing.

Much better to have two weeks of total seasonal excitement and festive craft fun than to be totally bored of Christmas by mid-December! Bah, humbug (but not meaning to be)!



Baby on the move ....

I’M ONE proud mummy – my little girl has started to commando crawl about the place.

With absolute determination she is getting around the room to get to that toy, bottle of milk or packet of wipes (!) which she is desperate to grab.

But I also feel that twinge of sadness that my little baby is growing up so fast, when all I want are a few more lovely cuddles.

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