I’m lucky to be in a position to bring Christmas cheer

Dawn Gracie SUS-180822-104841001
Dawn Gracie SUS-180822-104841001

My Christmas gigs are well and truly underway and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of singing for delightful people in and around the Chichester area.

As I don my red cape each year, I have to also dig out all my cheat sheets to help remind me of the words to most of the songs because the moment Christmas is over, I tend to have total amnesia and all of a sudden the words leave me!

No sooner have they become ingrained in my memory after singing them countless times, and they are gone!

However, no one seems to mind as it adds to the comedic effect when I lose my way half way through Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.

I’m sure Brenda Lee must have done that countless times.

I really do class myself lucky to have a job where I can make so many people happy and my brief moments spent entertaining those in nursing and retirements homes are some of the most precious times.

A lady who was a rather lost looking soul when I arrived at a home recently simply came to life when I sang the classic festive tune Let it Snow, and the look on her face was of a sparked memory.

That smile didn’t leave her face for the whole session and as I waved the group goodbye, I know it was a job well done.