Holidays are for relaxing – it just took me a while to realise that!

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

WHEN it comes to holidays I’ll admit I am a bit of a nightmare.

As my poor husband will testify, my idea of a holiday is cramming in as much as I possibly can in a short space of time before flopping out at the end.

Just sitting still and relaxing is most definitely not one of my strong points.

But over the weekend I think I finally took a small step towards rehabilitation.

We headed to Butlin’s in Bognor Regis for a break staying in the new(ish) Wave hotel and it was absolutely fantastic.

Obviously it was all about entertaining the kids, so over the course of the three days we headed to the fun fair, the soft play area, the penny slots and the shows.

That is after we managed to prise my little man out of his exciting bunk bed – complete with his own DVD player!

(How things have changed...)

But having a baby who is still finding her feet does make you slow down because you can’t rush around everywhere, and you have to factor in constant pit stops and nap times.

On day two it had reached 3pm and I suddenly realised all we had done was get up, have breakfast, go for a swim, have lunch and let the kids have a nap.

That was it – in eight hours.

After two seconds of panicking the day was disappearing, it occurred to me that actually it was quite nice we had not spent the whole day rushing around and I was actually relaxing.

While the little ones were sleeping and getting ready for their next activity, I could have a sit-down on the balcony and have some quiet child-free time. When we were in the pavilion I sat with my daughter in the tots’ soft play area and just played with her for an hour with no interruptions.

In the evening while the kids were asleep and my husband was watching the footie, I had a long relaxing bath in the giant-sized tub.

Time to myself? Slowing down and relaxing was actually really nice.

I’m not going to promise I’m a totally reformed character because I know how much I hate to waste time. But I will try to relax more in the future!

A real buffet mix

I LOVE watching people tackle an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And the weekend was no exception as I watched some diners pile up their plates with a bizarre mixture of culinary treats.

Apparently, battered fish goes well with rice, carrots, curry and roast potatoes.

All on one plate? Is it too far to walk to the buffet a second time for more?

I just don’t get it!

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