Flavor Flav calls the Pompey troubles

103686_POMPEY_DONCASTER_13/11/10''Balram Chainrai (centre)''Portsmouth V Doncaster Rovers at Fratton Park, Portsmouth.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (103686-2)
103686_POMPEY_DONCASTER_13/11/10''Balram Chainrai (centre)''Portsmouth V Doncaster Rovers at Fratton Park, Portsmouth.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (103686-2)

Who would have thought rapper Flavor Flav would have had the inside track when it came to events over recent days at Fratton Park?

Some reflecting over Portpin’s impending return with iPod in ear led me to the conclusion Flav and his American hip hop legends, Public Enemy, knew a lot more about Pompey and politics at PO4 than they were letting on.

Now, no-one has ever had Fratton down as a rap hotbed, but things may be about to change on that front.

The smarm offensive from Balram Chainrai has already begun as we prepare to see his return to the club’s corridors of power.

Chainrai has sneered and smeared in the direction of the Pompey Supporters’ Trust in recent hours.

His suggestion of in-fighting in the PST camp is cheap and contemptible, but why should there be any surprise there?

And now we get set for the tired old noises about what he and Levi Kushnir will do for Pompey moving forward.

Smirks, made way for outright belly laughs at the suggestion Portpin are the people to ‘return Pompey to its glories’.

Yes, the very same people who have previously made no secret of their desire to get out of town as quickly as possible with as much money as possible.

We wait to see what happens to the £3.4m sat in the Fratton coffers for the club’s new owners and £8m in future parachute payments with interest.

In the words of Public Enemy: Don’t believe the hype.

Then we look to the role of the football authorities in Pompey’s demise.

The questions over how the Premier and Football League could have done more to support one of its members, especially through their so-called fit-and-proper-person’s test, has been well documented.

Perhaps less so has been the dismissive sentiments emanating from Preston over the chances of the Trust assuming control of the club.

The Football League may have suggested the decision lies with PKF over who assumes control of Pompey.

You wonder how far their doubts over PST’s financing from fans’ pledges and rumoured demand for £5m in bank guarantees came into proceedings, however.

It also sets a worrying precedent for supporters who want to save their club from the abyss in future.

Then comes the Professional Footballers’ Association approach to seeing a return on the £8.5m compromise agreement for their members.

The word is they were asking for half of that figure up front and portrayed a cold indifference to what that could mean for Pompey’s future.

The impact, not only on the club’s future but their current members employed there, cuts no ice with the PFA.

It appears the authorities’ lack of willingness to deal with a dirty, old problem remains intact.

So it’s left for Pompey’s militant fans to highlight the lack of support they receive.

Or as Public Enemy put it: Fight the power.

Today we hear our local MPs raise their concerns about where Pompey are headed under Portpin – a sentiment echoed by a city.

Administration is their prediction. Others fears worse.

Shut Em Down is how Flav and the boys worded things.

All the while, Michael Appleton waits, with more hope than expectation, to see if there’s any hopes for his playing budgets moving forward.

Given the way it was already hacked from around £4m to £1.5m this summer under Portpin’s guidelines, hope is all he has there.

Can’t do nuttin’ for ya man, was the way our clock-loving rap icon Flav termed it.

The call-to-arms from Pompey-loving fans, Trust members and more extreme fractions of the club’s fanbase has gone up in the wake of the news of recent days.

The battle doesn’t stop here for those who care passionately for their club.

In the words of Chuck D, they’re ready to Bring the noise – and you can expect a real racket.

As for the where the rap group’s hit single Pubic Enemy No1 fits into proceedings? The Fratton faithful seem to have made their thoughts clear.