DUNCAN BARKES When will our own politicians listen to us?

Even die-hard supporters of the European Union must be questioning their faith these days.

Only a brainwashed zealot could seriously believe the UK’s membership of this behemoth remains a good thing.

Spare a thought for the people of Italy, who now find themselves with a prime minister they did not vote for. A self-styled ‘technocrat’ has been forced upon them by the EU in a bid to get the country’s economy back on track.

Italians who believe in democracy must be pretty cheesed off at the moment.

A similar situation has occurred in Greece; an unelected representative imposes further austerity measures while the Greek people suffer.

The UK is already paying for the failings of the EU and its euro vanity project.

So far we have forked out £12.5bn to help bail out the failed eurozone countries of Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

Untold sums of money are being found and democracy abandoned in order to keep the EU dream alive.

The UK is like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

We are part of the EU and so feel its crisis, yet we are not bold enough to make a break.

Recently we witnessed the farcical debate and vote in parliament regarding giving the people of the UK a referendum on continued EU membership.

All three party leaders instructed their MPs to vote against the idea – welcome to democracy political style, ladies and gents.

Public opinion has turned. Poll after poll reveals that the majority of the UK wants out of the EU. There was a time when eurosceptics like me were mocked, or branded xenophobic. Now the weight of the argument is on our side.

It is not xenophobic to want to put our country first.

It is not unreasonable to want a say in how this country is governed. Our elected representatives are treating us like fools, but as the eurozone crisis deepens it won’t be the electorate that ends up looking idiotic.

No, on that particular vote our politicians will be as victorious as they are arrogant.

* Ho ho ho – it’s time to head for fairs

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On Saturday at Donnington Church Hall there will be bargains a-plenty.

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At the Parklands Community Primary School Christmas Fair you’ll find a dazzling array of stalls, games, crafts and even beauty treatments.

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Ho Ho Ho!

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