DAWN GRACIE: You really can meet more people in the Twittersphere

I know I’m guilty of banging on about the huge benefits of social media for business and yet still there are haters who think it’s no more than idle gossip and updates on breakfast preferences.

If anything was going to make you finally plump up your cushion and pay attention, then this is it.

I have dabbled with Twitter for a few years but still favour Facebook for business as I find it so much easier to track conversations and build relationships with customers and prospects.

However, for the past few weeks, I’ve been tempted back to the mighty Twittersphere after being invited to an online chat hour. Basically this is an allocated time whereby you meet on twitter and search for #worthinghour and hey presto, you’re in a live chat with more business folk than you could ever dream of meeting in the space of an hour in reality!

During my first experience a few weeks ago, I made some fantastic contacts and even made ticket sales for my now sold-out Worthing show.

I’m now looking forward to joining in on the weekly #ChichesterHr on Tuesdays from 8.30pm.

So roll up your sleeves and join in.

When you’re in there, you can find me as @DawnGracie