DAWN GRACIE: Thanks, Colin, for taking mumpreneurs seriously

I know I’m seriously at risk of sounding like teacher’s pet, but in this case I don’t care because it’s not going to be seen as a move to win favour or further my journalistic career, on account of the fact the person I want to say thank you to is no longer in charge.

Former editor-in-chief Colin Channon has left for pastures new and I wish him all the best in his new role ‘up North’ – well, Essex.

It was Colin I pestered until he listened when I became manager of the Chichester Mumpreneurs Networking Club three years ago.

Insisting that we be taken seriously as business people despite some naysayers who thought the new term for mothers in business was slightly confusing and, dare I say it, demeaning.

He supported events I organised and I almost got him to pose topless as a PR stunt! Colin widened the press support and became involved with our network which spreads across the south east and into London.

More recently, it was Colin who recommended me to Chichester College and an invitation soon followed to host my meetings there.

So thanks for all your support Colin, and here’s the virtual apple on your desk, wherever it may be.