DAWN GRACIE Silence those naysayers and armchair critics

I RECENTLY posted a request on my social media pages for any subject suggestions for this column.

‘Face folk’ and ‘Tweeps’ are never short of opinions so I thought it would be interesting to see the responses.

One of the comments stopped me in my tracks: ‘How women need to build each other up, not pull one another down’. I’m very involved with local networking and some groups are female-dominant, and so this comment really made me think.

Whilst I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved and continue to be encouraged and supported by those I meet at networking groups, I’m aware there’s a flip side to this. When you put yourself ‘out there’ in the public domain, you can’t expect everyone to celebrate your success, and some will find any reason to try and put you down, be it through jealousy or spite. Some people will find things to dislike and have reason to openly judge you for it, such as the business name you pained for months over – I have a perfect example in ‘Mumpreneurs Networking Club’ of which I am a part, but will have to resist addressing it in this column because it requires much more discussion than the space will allow here.


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