DAWN GRACIE: Lights, camera, action! Get your face known

I LEARNT a long time ago that you can’t rely on just one medium to advertise and promote your business.

In my previous life in advertising sales, I was evangelical about print advertising, and still am, but we do now have a plethora of options in which to shout loudly about our businesses.

Of course face-to-face is one of the best ways to reach customers so networking is the key to that, however, with so many groups out there, it’s not always possible to show your face everywhere.

So, to put your face in front of hundreds of people – if not millions – I advocate the use of video marketing on your website.

I have in the past recorded short training videos, giving my top tips for things such as ‘networking’ and have even recorded training sessions I’ve been involved in, with the all-important testimonials from those less camera-shy who have attended.

Now I am in the entertainment industry, a combination of visuals and sound is so important and I’ve lost count of the pop wannabes who were discovered on YouTube and have gone on to enjoy huge success.

So if you haven’t tried a video business card, give it a go. I’m still waiting for Simon Cowell to call!

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