DAWN GRACIE: Jane steps forward to be the official deputy

I’ve been running the Chichester branch of the Mumpreneurs Networking Club for almost three years now and when I took on the role of manager, it was suggested I appoint a deputy to assist in promoting the group, helping with meeting registration and making sure any new attendees are looked after.

As is my way, I have just got on with things and while I don’t find it impossible to delegate tasks, I don’t really plan ahead and just react as things come up.

I’m very lucky that my group has a fantastic mix of new and regular attendees and so I’m never short of efficient people to ask for help, but the time has now come to appoint a recognised deputy manager. Someone who can be a point of contact should I be unavailable and even run the meeting should I be unwell.

My fellow networker Jane Smith is a very capable, patient and highly creative lady who runs her own business www.myrtlesbags.co.uk and is also an independent stylist for Stella and Dot.

She has been a very supportive member and enjoys all the benefits of attending many of the groups we have across the south coast. Welcome to the team Jane, I’m looking forward to having you as my official partner.