DAWN GRACIE: Festival of Chichester really means business

GETTING behind a community event means more than just turning up, paying the entry fee and enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labour.

The Festival of Chichester is a platform for so much more than just laying on a schedule of music, comedy and talks for others to enjoy.

Last year saw the birth of our festival, and naturally being in the entertainment industry, the businesswoman in me sat up and listened.

The cogs in the machine worked tirelessly to ensure the launch year was a huge success and the wheels have been turning for the 2014 festival ever since.

This year the committee has decided the festival really does MEAN business and I have offered to become more involved with the promotion towards the local business community and really get them behind the four-week festival.

Barry Smith presented at the Chamber of Commerce meeting and is now holding a public meeting on Tuesday from 6pm to explain how local businesses can get involved and benefit from the publicity, backed by our very own Observer.

Local commerce should embrace the opportunity so we can show the world that Chichester really does mean business.

To attend, please email festivalchichester@gmail.com