DAWN GRACIE: Chance for a coffee and a gossip has its advantages!

Now the working year has well and truly begun, I’m looking forward to my first networking meeting of 2014 and catching up with old contacts and being introduced to new faces.

I recall the days before I immersed myself in business networking when I regarded it all as nothing more than an excuse that working people made to nip out of the office for a coffee and gossip.

I’ve always been socially confident, but I still thought of networking as a daunting chore where I’d no doubt turn up to a room full of suits and struggle to break into an established clique.

So for most of my years in the media industry, I avoided it and stayed in my office where I felt safe just getting on with my job.

How wrong I was and now three years down the line with a new career, I have so much to thank networking for.

There are various styles of groups, from very formal industry-specific meetings to more laid-back social gatherings.

I’m always happy to act as ‘buddy’ for anyone wanting to try a group out and I welcome anyone to come to my dynamic MNC meetings to test the water.

And it turns out there’s nothing wrong with a coffee and a gossip!

When you have a spare moment why not visit www.agoodgossip.co.uk to find out more!