Officials force entry into ‘rodent-haven’ garden in Bognor Regis

Garden investigated for rodents
Garden investigated for rodents

A Bognor Regis woman had her home entered by council officials today as they believed it could be a public health hazard.

Pest control experts from Arun District Council fear the garden of Patricia Cooper’s Berghestede Road bungalow is a haven for rodents.

Robert Findlay, a council housing occupation officer was present at 10.30am this morning as a forced entry was made into the property.

The police were also in attendance to ensure the incident passed safely.

Mr Findlay and other council officers could be seen going in and out of the premises to a dark blue van.

Mr Findlay gained a warrant to get into the premises from Worthing Magistrates’ on Wednesday.

Ms Cooper has claimed that her garden is a haven for wildlife and birds.

In a letter to the council, she said: “My garden is not overgrown, it is a wildlife garden, it is meant to look like that. A huge number of birds visit my garden.

“My hedge, of which I am so proud, is full of nests during the summer, and at night lots of birds sleep in my hedge.”