Objection made to additional bedrooms


RESIDENTS of an Aldwick estate have won the backing of their local councillors in their latest fight against new housing.

The homeowners of West Meads gained the support of Aldwick Parish Council as they battle the latest proposal for a new development.

Mildren Homes has applied for planning permission to add an extra bedroom to each of the ten homes it has received approval to build where St Michael’s and All Angels Church used to stand.

This would see the scheme comprise four four-bedroom houses, four three-bedroom houses and two two-bedroom houses.

The company says the extra rooms would make more use of the available space for development.

But the council’s planning committee unanimously agreed the additional accommodation would cause parking problems and was unsustainable.

Mike Nicholls, vice-chairman of West Meads Residents’ Association, said the original scheme had been wrongly approved by the Planning Inspectorate after Arun District Council had rejected it for being 
too big.

“If it was a case of over-development before, then this application to increase it with ten bedrooms, with the possibility of a further 14 people for an increase of 45 per cent with no extra parking, should be rejected on the same grounds,” he said.

“The parking on this site is very restricted. Queensfield East has double yellow lines along one side and halfway on the other side.

“The car park that belongs to 
the flats and shops is there for parking for people to come and do business there.”

Another resident, Alan Hickmore, said: “How many cars are going to be generated by the extra bedrooms?

“The four-bedroom houses are going to have at least three with possibly two for the others. It’s totally and utterly out of order.”

Louise Fraser, a fellow resident, spoke about the estate’s sewage problems.

Committee member Cllr Dr Tony Poland said: “It’s my view the application is flawed in every aspect. I agree with all that has been said about parking and the sewers. Plus, there’s the extra load on local services.

“The possible total number of people in the houses is going to go from 40 to 56. Half of them will probably be children, which will increase the load on the local doctors as well as the local schools.”

The committee’s decision will be taken into account when Arun District Council considers the planning application.

This is likely to be at its development control committee meeting on March 12.

As reported, Mildren Homes started to build the houses with the extra bedrooms before residents alerted Arun about the matter.