Number 18 drop-in cafe sessions return

A YOUTH service will re-open in Bognor Regis.

The Number 18 Project in Waterloo Square is planning to reopen up to three drop-in cafe sessions a week at their premises in the autumn.

These will offer an informal venue for activities and a place to meet for young people aged 13 and above.

The sessions will be run by staff and volunteers, and will add to the range of current activities at the centre, which include an information centre during weekday afternoons, two sexual health clinic sessions per week, plus several counselling sessions.

Liz Allen, the acting secretary and management committee member at Number 18, said: “As West Sussex scales back its general youth services to concentrate on targeted youth, it’s up to projects like Number 18 to look at the situation and decide how to face new challenges.

“We will be seeking funding from a whole range of services which will be open to all young people as they want and need them.

“At this time, we can run the cafe, counselling and sexual health services, and we can provide the on-street information shop service with some additional funding.”

Changes mean county council staff currently seconded to the project will relocate to the Neighbourhood Youth Centre.

Number 18’s acting chairman Jan Cosgrove said: “We’re entering a transitional period.

“We are looking to West Sussex to help ensure this is smooth and that young people do not lose out.

“We have a great resource, we have shown since the mid 1990s that we can run a successful and cost-effective range of services.

“This is an exciting period for Number 18.”