North Bersted man says recycling bins are nuisance

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RECYCLING bins litter an area of North Bersted, a resident has claimed.

Malcolm Glasston said the containers were left strewn over the pavements around Markfield and the surrounding roads after they had been emptied.

“Everywhere you go around here there are recycling bins just left anywhere. Some are right in the middle of the pavements.

“You would be fined if you did that with a car.

“People don’t put the bins there when they put them out. They put them on their lawns or their paths.

“I’m fed up with the situation. I’ve rung Arun District Council about it many times in the past year or so.

“They say they will sort out the situation but nothing seems to get done about it,” he said.

The problem arises every other Thursday when the large bins are collected early in the morning by the council’s contractor, Biffa.

“The bins can be left outside all day if people are away,” said Mr Glasston. “They get blown over when it’s windy and cause even more of an obstruction.”

An Arun spokeswoman said an officer from the council’s cleansing operations team contacted Biffa after Mr Glasston had contacted the council.

“Biffa agreed a supervisor would attend with the crew in December and to monitor after that. This requires the crew driver to provide a written record that tasks have been completed correctly,” she said.

Biffa are being contacted to ensure that this has been done. If Mr Gasston encounters any further problems, and reports these to Arun, the cleansing team will investigate at the site.”